did not do it. Nevertheless, it is unquestionable teeth in Vietnam?

did not do it. Nevertheless, it is unquestionable teeth in Vietnam? to maneuver the tooth surface. When you feel that the brush you are using has problems, you should choose another one that is more suitable. A good toothbrush when the toothbrush head is no longer than 2 cm. For braces there will be specialized brushes for the mid-shorter orthodontic brushes on the two edges. Dental implant center in Ho Chi Minh City This design helps to clean both teeth and braces. Electric brushes are suitable for people with disabilities or mobility difficulties, who suffer from stroke Saigon dental clinic Electric brushes are rated as good in removing plaque more effectively than conventional brushes, gentle action does not damage the enamel and gums. How long do you have to change the toothbrush? however, we can also treat through direct expression that do a trough when sleeping this mineralization is often uneven and surrounded by many buried cells.


Use of toxic products regularly

High starch foods  What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam
Foods that contain more starch such as French fries and white bread are easily cling to the teeth, creating an environment for bacteria to form from invisible plaques.
The coffee
Coffee, tea is the cause of stains on the teeth, while also creating a food storing environment.
Dried fruit
Dried fruits through the process of processing are more or less added to the sugar to enhance the taste, which means they are not only sticky / sticky to the teeth but also create a growing environment for bacteria in the mouth. , increased risk of dental erosion. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

These are not only toxic to the body but also can cause cancer of the throat and cause severe tooth decay. People who regularly drink beer, alcohol, especially cigarettes will have dark teeth and very bad smell for the mouth.

Eat more

Eating a variety of foods during the day makes it difficult for the teeth to come in contact with food frequently, so even after brushing, the bristles are faster than normal.

Incorrect and inadequate brushing

Insufficient teeth brushing during the day, not brushing after meals or full brushing but not properly will also make teeth stain faster. The time for each brushing is not enough to clean it is not enough to maintain the color intact for the teeth.Cure bad breath by Honey Efficiency
Apply honey remedies at home effective after how many times use? Is there a bad breath? Dental tourim in Vietnam
The composition of honey contains abundant nutrients, antibacterial antiseptic, cleansing oral cavity, remove odor bacteria. Use honey very well in the treatment of bad breath and other dental diseases.
Causes of bad breath
Bad breath makes you lose confidence in communication. Find out what causes bad breath to overcome the most effective.
Eating food through the teeth, cavities of the teeth, causing bacteria to break down the food left over and cause bad breath.

Disease of men

Tooth decay is one of the main causes of tooth decay faster than you care for and maintain good teeth every day. Because the teeth are broken enamel is often easily attacked by molecules to change the color of teeth.

Fluoride or antibiotic exposure

If you have been through a long period of fluoride or antibiotics to treat the disease, the risk of dental caries is very high. The cases of dull teeth due to these causes often cause more aesthetic loss and cannot be bleached by conventional methods. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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