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fruits, green leafy vegetables, lentils, brown tooth in Vietnam, implant and dental restoration methods have lost Implant is no longer a strange way for us, especially for those who want to do Beautiful objects that want to own a bright white teeth, strong. Replanting and restoring teeth Implant can be considered as a big step in the development of the dental industry. The cause is because it gives good results beyond the imagination as well as the limitations of the old methods. So choose a soft tooth for sensitive teeth, and practice the habit of brushing the right way. Some dental diseases can also cause tooth sensitivity such as gum recession, tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease or periodontal disease. Or, teeth whitening will bring shiny teeth. With serious investment products being released continuously from the end of the year show her determination to persuade the audience to recognize herself as a singer to share in the year she and the team will debut.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho You may not know about removing tartar

– There have been many studies showing the relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes. Specifically, diabetic patients are more susceptible to periodontal disease, and vice versa in patients with severe periodontal disease that may make diabetes progress more complex. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

What is dental crowns?

Teeth are hard sediments of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate combined with soft sediments (food debris, minerals in the oral environment), bacteria, carcinoma of the epithelial cells. There is also iron deposition of serum in the blood.

How is the formation of tartar?

After a two-hour cleaning period, a thin layer of film on the surface of the tooth is called a biofilm. After that, the bacteria will stick to the membrane and after a week the membrane will grow fuller and thicker. At this point, the bacterial membrane changes pH and facilitates food debris, minerals in the oral cavity to form plaque around the teeth, called tartar.

Why should I take tartar? Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

First, the toxin of bacteria in the plaque causes inflammation. This inflammatory response causes bone loss in the teeth, resulting in loss of grip, resulting in longer teeth, revealing unoccupied areas around the teeth. Then the patient will feel a sense of discomfort in the teeth.

Second, the length of the tooth is a constant always not changed, so the bone as target lengths, the length of the tooth in the bone will be as short leads to tooth easily shaken and bone resorption as forum out faster.

Third, the phenomenon of physiological bone resorption process is inevitable over time and making the bone without the target is a utopia. Therefore, maintaining a stable bone is a very important thing.

Finally, the bacteria that attach to plaque are one of the causes of diseases in the oral mucosa (oral mucositis, which people call still mouth disease), nose disease (tonsillitis, pharyngitis), cardiovascular disease.

Can prevent the formation of tartar? Dental tourim in Vietnam

The onset of tartar is bacterial membrane and biofilm. Therefore, to prevent tartar from controlling bacterial membranes, keep your teeth clean.

For example, always clean your teeth after eating, check your teeth every 1-3 months to solve the hygiene problems that individuals cannot clean themselves as: Clean teeth, On the far side of the molar, in the denture area. Do not wait to get new teeth, because when the tartar formation, it caused damage and leave the consequences. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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