is more than a month away from you teeth in Vietnam

is more than a month away from you teeth in Vietnam. One-time dental implants are recommended for people with traumatic or non-traumatic injuries in the pre-orthodontic area or those who have had tooth loss after advanced decay or root canal failure. Advantages of a Single Dental Implant A single tooth implant may be more appropriate than a fixed bridge attached to two or more teeth. A fixed bridge is supported by other teeth and requires the dentist to cut normal healthy teeth to support the bridge. In this case, the jaw bone can begin to heal, and thus deteriorate. A dental implant surface, on the other hand, will be placed on the jaw bone as the root of the tooth is lost. This can also help protect the bones. What is implant? The teeth will not be as new as it would be a bit opaque, so many people have come up with the idea that even permanent teeth can be bleached. A replacement for old teeth whitening is still possible.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Implant technology for complete loss of teeth

Implants All on 4

Implant All on 4 is the world’s leading implant brand Nobel Biocare. This technique applies to the case of missing teeth and missing bone in the posterior area with the use of four implants to recreate the complete teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

According to the Implant Specialist, implant implants using this method are not bone grafts, but new teeth still achieve aesthetics and durability equivalent to real teeth. With 4 fixed implant stubs on each jaw, the doctor will connect the denture with the implant head with the screw head.

Implant All on 6

Also applicable to patients with dental caries, All on 6 technology that doctors will put 6 implants on a jaw. However, the condition for implantation of this implant is that the jaw bone in the posterior region must have sufficient quantity and quality.

Compared to All on 4, implant All on 6 implant results in better functional imaging because there are two additional Implant in the posterior region. Therefore, when there is a need for full denture implant restoration, customers often choose All on 6 technology.

Technique for removable jaw

Besides, Implant All on 4 and All on 6, the method of denture implantation on the two pillars is also the ideal solution for cases of missing teeth completely. Placing the removable jaw on the two implants will help the denture to be more stable and secure.

This solution is usually applied to older patients, loss of teeth, and lack of bone in the frontal area. When using this technique, you can choose to remove the denture with a bar or as a removable function with magnets. vietnam dentist prices

Each implant technique has its own advantages, so you need to go to the dentist to check for the best solution for the best and most effective dental implant.

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