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many of the night many clear insomnia teeth in Vietnam, for long-term effectiveness, the doctor as well as the patient must have the procedural, technical, and follow-up notes. Otherwise, the patient may have inflammation around the implant, which is characterized by: red, swollen gums, pain, swelling of the implant, and progressive bleeding, rubbing of the bone around the implant on X-ray and posterior. Long implant failure, implant fall from the jaw. Causes How to choose filling material? Welding (tooth filling) is considered an effective and economical solution for cases of broken teeth, tooth decay or dull enamel. This method of restoration is quite simple and cost savings should be quite selectable to restore the teeth. Aesthetic like? Amalgam is still considered as a silver filler material, with gray to silver fillings.  Because of the color does not coincide with the color of the teeth so the aesthetic is not high so it is not used to fill the door teeth.

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Dental crown: Dental crowns serve as crowns, which may be metal or porcelain teeth.

Implant technology international standard What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Implant placement is a modern dental prosthetic technique that is applied in cases where one or more teeth are missing. Dental Implant after implants ensure the chewing function, aesthetic, effectively prevent bone loss.

Doctors consultation and consultation 

The examination helps the general practitioner assess the condition of the teeth and health conditions, combining the treatment of diseases such as periodontics, fillings and tartar to clean the oral cavity before proceeding.

Implant placement. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

X-ray imaging Cone Beam CT 3D

Based on the parameters on the film will help doctors assess the structure and density of the jaw bone of the patient to see if they are eligible for the transplant? From there, the doctor will advise each patient detail of the locations, number of implants to be implanted, and plans for implantation of implants.

– Dental Implant appointment

– Implant placement techniques in sterile surgery room

– Temporary restoration during healing Dental tourim in Vietnam

Temporary teeth are usually prepared for you after completing implant placement, usually as a removable function. After a while to embed the implants in the jawbone, the dentist will restore the dental implant on the implant.

– Re-examination after implant transplant

– Restorative dental porcelain on the Implant

The time to repair porcelain teeth on the Implant is like the time you go to cover the porcelain crown or porcelain dental bridge, the patient needs to dental 3-4 times. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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