Many people even consider this one teeth in Vietnam

Many people even consider this one teeth in Vietnam, while fixed dentures, after 2-3 months extraction teeth can be grown. In some cases, if the patient’s age is high, the extraction of the wound is relatively large, the wound healing time should be longer. However, at present, the most advanced Implant Platon Japan implantation technology, which has been researched and applied by Japanese doctors, can make a big difference in the process of growing a tooth. With this technology, implant root canal can be inserted into the jaw immediately after the extraction, only if you have good health, not suffering from cardiovascular disease, blood pressure or blood disease is possible to do no matter what.

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In the case of large incisal tooth loss in half, coated porcelain will be the best solution to restore the teeth. You can rest assured when restoring teeth with this method at Dental I-DENT cost savings and shorten the time as much as possible. vietnam dentist prices

Normally, according to the prosthetic procedure, the time taken to complete a porcelain cushion will fluctuate in 2-3 sessions within 48 hours. Dentists need to sharpen the real teeth, get real marks and send the labo to make dental porcelain. This is the most time consuming part of the porcelain process.

Not every dental center has a labo to make porcelain teeth, so the porcelain waiting time is quite long. During this time, when the real dental crown has been small grinding to facilitate the porcelain to be mounted on the advantage, the dentist will install dentures for you. The purpose of this denture is to ensure the aesthetics of the jaw, help eat chewing and restriction sensitive teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

So, after the denture, you can still eat chewing is normal, however, this denture is only a temporary denture on the real teeth so the function is aesthetic. You can eat as a note should not eat the food is too hard, plastic or tough to avoid the effect of false teeth.

After 1-2 days, the dental finish is completed, the dentist will proceed to remove the denture and attach to the real teeth. Adjustment of the bite will be meticulous until the teeth are fully matched with the real teeth, you feel completely comfortable, the dental porcelain will be fixed with a special dental material. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

After having high durability, ensure that the chewing food completely normal like real teeth, especially if done with good technology, the effect of porcelain will last for decades, even permanently. You do not need restoration. cấy răng implant