The class members all stick together teeth in Vietnam

The class members all stick together teeth in Vietnam, patients with teeth that are infected with tooth loss, the effects of Tetracycline are often affected, so the treatment problem is not so simple. For maintaining and directing the ability to chew and preserve jellyfish as soon as people with yellow teeth lose the strength of the patient when eating a lot, because the catalyst is the food color so the work Good bleaching. More than usual. At the same time losing teeth can be said, the search is quite easy. Antibacterial incisors because it shows the face of yellow tooth enamel and cannot be whitened by bleaching method for everyone. Animals are considered to be the largest and can survive to this day and live on land that is considered to be this animal elephant has a large body to tons.

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The durability and aesthetics of the real teeth are influenced by the following factors:

Tooth pulp: The tooth that holds the marrow will have “vitality” and lasts long: cấy răng implant

Tooth preservation will be able to recover itself against harmful agents such as bacteria and other toxic substances in the oral environment. The “spinal cord” also has a beautiful color, more lively than the “marrow” teeth, so that the teeth when mounted up to achieve aesthetic results. Proper bone marrow preservation also very little color change over time use.

To preserve tooth pulp, when the doctor grinds and prepared, should avoid the elements that damage the pulp. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

When grinding teeth, the drill need to spray enough water, enough and enough to cool the teeth, because the pulp is sensitive to high temperatures. This is a very common cause.

* To effectively cool teeth, in addition to spraying, need to reduce friction when grinding teeth. The impact of the drill should be effectively controlled so that the maximum grinding performance can be achieved with a minimum number of revolutions. This can only be done with very good hands, genuine production. The cost of these drills is usually very high, up to 10 times that of conventional drills. The electric drill handles this best, reducing the rotational speed to a quarter as compared to conventional manual drills, but electric drills cost as much as 20 times more than conventional drills.

The more teeth are grinded, the more damaged it is: Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In order to install porcelain teeth, the real teeth need to be prepared by the dentist in order to be able to fix porcelain teeth, often called dental crowns.

Ideally, the teeth should be grinded at a “sufficient” and “reasonable” level so that when the porcelain crown attaches securely, without damaging the teeth. Porcelain teeth also need a certain thickness, enough to withstand the chewing force and have the color that matches the aesthetic result you expect.

Excessive grinding will damage the teeth, the risk of pulp damage, chewing when eating.

Too little grinding will make the dental porcelain cannot fit close to the real teeth, or technicians have to make teeth porcelain too thin to break easily, but if done too thick will cause teeth to be thick, hard to clean. . Too thin porcelain teeth are difficult to achieve aesthetic results in color.

Equipped with a system and a direct dental porcelain lab can produce thin, porcelain dental crowns that are tailored to each individual case, to achieve aesthetic results. The doctor just needs to sharpen the teeth at least. This requires a sufficiently wide knowledge of porcelain materials, dentures fitted in place, as well as a good mix of doctors and technicians. vietnam dentist prices